The Anti-Racist Social Club

Welcome to the Club!

We're so happy to have you here.

We've been working hard over the last few months to bring you a one-stop-shop for all things anti-racism and we can't wait for you to check it out. There are heaps of resources available throughout this website, including curated and original content, resources for parents, a book club, our corporate training offering, Black-owned businesses to support, petitions to sign, organisations to donate to, and so much more! We hope you find this helpful and if you have any questions or something you need, give us a shout on social, email, or the chat box below.

Our Founder

He goes by many names.

Visionary. Idealist. Tall, dark, and handsome.

But most just call him Hakeem.

Born in the States to Caribbean immigrants, Hakeem grew up in a conservative military town. Being the gay, Black kid was pretty easy in this environment and led to high levels of self-confidence. That was obviously sarcasm. Following the 2016 presidential theft, sorry election, Hakeem left the States after working in Corporate America and politics for a couple of years. He visited the Caribbean and Europe before settling in Australia. He then moved to East London where you can now find him playing tennis or rollerblading. He also performs and writes under the alias Kimmy K, and is very passionate about men's mental health. Did we mention he also loves to dance? 

The Anti-Racist Social Club
The Anti-Racist Social Club

Hakeem started The Anti-Racist Social Club as a way to engage his predominantly White network, both professionally and personally. I guess you could call him the "White Whisperer". But only if that felt appropriate. All this to say he's very happy you've joined The Club and if there's anything you need, just use the chat feature below.

             Luvly jubly, that'll do!

Our Creative Team


Izzy is one of our creative consultants, responsible for advising on design elements for the brand and website. When she's not coding and building custom websites, you can probably find her soaking up some sun and travelling, her favourite place so far being Sri Lanka. If you asked her what her favourite food was, however, South Asian would be incorrect. CHEESE would be her answer. I wonder if smiling was her favourite thing to do as a kid. Get it? 'Say cheese.' Ah whatever, I stand by it.

The Anti-Racist Social Club
The Anti-Racist Social Club
The Anti-Racist Social Club


Mivic is our wonderful videographer who is responsible for filming and editing our original content. When he's not creating beautiful videos, Mivic studies maths and computer science in Bristol. Outside of school, he plays bass guitar and is learning how to code in multiple languages. He claims his favourite ice cream flavour is caramel, but that's probably because he hasn't tried Oreo ice cream before. No, this is not an advert for Oreo. Unless...!? 


Marina is our other creative consultant, responsible for animation in our promotional content. When she's not giving a facelift to brands, you can find her lifting weights at an Olympic-level or long trail running. She's also a gamer (think World of Warcraft & Overwatch). Where is Marina from? Here's a hint, she'll go to the ends of the Earth to find Irn-Bru and fish supper. 

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The Anti-Racist Social Club