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Anti-Racism Workshop & Implicit Bias Training
Anti-Racism Workshop & Implicit Bias Training


Whether you're designing a new brand, developing new software, creating new products, or communicating new propositions – your work requires creativity. And creativity requires diversity of thought and therefore of people. Diversity is a business necessity in your line of work.


Anti-racism is inherently intersectional, so we help organisations improve their cultures to be more diverse in all aspects of identity. When diversity exists, employees have psychological safety and the work they produce is better. Together we'll explore all the ways in which your business can promote Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, & Access (IDEA)  from hiring to mentorship to employee engagement and more.

We will give you the opportunity to tackle tough topics like race, bias, and inclusion with levity, as we open up spaces for deep engagement. We take a two-pronged approach to helping your business become anti-racist, using a metaphor that focuses on the seed and the soil in which it grows.

Improving diversity and becoming anti-racist doesn’t just happen, it takes effort and investment. And that’s where we can help! Anti-racism is a journey and we can't wait to take it with you. We’re not looking for clients, we want partners. Are you ready for the growth ahead?

Hakeem Allen

Founder & Executive Director

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OUR Workshops

Before we engage with your organisation, we’ll need to understand its culture and existing levels of IDEA and anti-racism knowledge by conducting an internal audit. This will help us tailor our content specifically to your organisation, and its various teams, to ensure we’re delivering content that resonates. Whether it's through interviews and focus groups, surveys, or Safe Space Conversations, we’ll get to the bottom of what’s happening in your organisation so we’re better equipped to support you.

Gardening Tools
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Your culture is as important to us as it is to you, and we’re invested in starting a partnership with you that lasts. In these bespoke workshops, we cover what it means to be anti-racist, microaggressions, how to diversify our networks, and how to incorporate anti-racism into our ways of working. We'll help you stand up internal processes and ways to hold each other accountable for IDEA. We'll also discuss employee engagement and external opportunities that will allow you to be a better ally. After our workshop, your organisation will feel a collective desire to improve its culture, and understand why it’s mission critical.


As supplement to these workshops, we offer clinics to support the growth of employees on their anti-racism journey and give them skills that help them apply their training to their careers. Topics covered can include: Exploring issues of identity, personal ambition and leadership styles; Cultural representations in the workplace; Understanding neurodiversity; Career mapping for employees of colour; Unlocking innovation through diversity; Managing difference and potential; Balancing mental health and allyship; and Public speaking and communicating in inclusive ways.

The Soil
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The Seed

Now that we’ve cultivated our soil, we’re ready to plant seeds. To support your leadership in applying the learnings from Culture Shift workshops to their mentorship, coaching, and overall decision-making we conduct Leadership Deep Dives. We tend to focus on three areas in these sessions to help improve the employee experience from all aspects: We’ll focus on improving your hiring & recruitment processes to be more anti-racist; conducting a policy and procedure review; developing KPIs to measure against IDEA strategies within the business; and delivering leadership, coaching, and mentorship training through role play activities and 1:1 engagement that embeds our training into the decision-makers in your organisation and transforms leaders into allies.


This session is tactical and crafted off the back of our ethnographic research and Culture Shift workshops. This means you’ll have employee buy-in and be able to make impactful changes in your organisation knowing they’ll be received well. Your leadership team will leave our Deep Dives with a better understanding of how to attract, retain, and develop diverse talent, and clear action items to continue the journey towards becoming an anti-racist organisation.

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For some organisations, we recognise your needs are a bit more complicated. You might have already conducted similar workshops, or maybe you need a more focused approach in a specific area of your business. Or maybe you're overwhelmed by all of your development areas and don't even know where to start. Fear not, we're here to help! As with our flagship workshops, we can create bespoke events and programmes based on your specific needs.


In the past we’ve developed mentorship schemes, school outreach programmes, onboarding materials, and custom training programmes containing online modules and live practicum for large organisations; hosted talks and facilitated discussions with organisations on a variety of topics, from identity to intersectionality to how to be a better ally in a specific industry; and conducted workshops with universities about de-colonising and removing bias from curricula, and with businesses to improve ways of working and create inclusive media content


Whatever your need, we’ve got you covered!

The Petal
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As a part of every workshop, we offer one year of complimentary support to help you make an impact that lasts. We'll be your sounding board, sit in on meetings, and adapt to your changing needs. This is our differentiator. It's not enough for us to just come in, drop some knowledge, and then leave. We want to establish a partnership with you and build up your internal competencies to be able to deal with any problems that arise in your future.

Our complimentary support exists on a quarterly basis for the first year and includes an hour check-in meeting, in-person or virtual, to discuss challenges and serve as a sounding board for any concerns or opportunities that have arisen, as well as two (2) hours of document review to aid in the development of new policies, promotional content, job postings, and more.

The Stem
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In addition to our complimentary support, we offer a retainer model for those organisations looking for more in-depth support and consulting. As trained HR professionals and mediators, we help organisations tackle their toughest IDEA challenges with a flexible approach that scales based on your needs. Have a dispute or need advice about a specific event? Need continual evaluation or just want to have someone on-hand to address issues as they arise? Want us to create employee engagement deliverables to maintain anti-racism activism within the business and ensure inclusivity is promoted on an ongoing basis?

 We’re here for you in whatever capacity you need, just think of us as your personal IDEAaaS – Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, & Access (consultants) as a Service. Okay, okay...we’ll work on the name!

The Nurture
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The Growth Ahead

​​Okay, we've exhausted the garden metaphor but we hope you understand why. Becoming an anti-racist organisation is a journey and it requires cultivation and nurture. And we’re excited and ready to take that journey with you! We recommend gathering your tools and enriching your soil before planting new seeds and nurturing your blossoms, but we'd love to talk more about which workshops are right for you.

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