There Is Power In My Hair

This book was written on behalf of Caidyn M. Bennett, who like many African American youth, is forced to cope with negative experiences, misconceptions and stereotypes on an almost daily basis. His fair skin, feminine features and strong opinions are some of the struggles he faces. In this story it is his hair, better known as “his locs” and his cultural inheritance that we seek to give positive recognition.This story is very relevant, at a time when superheroes are being greatly highlighted and imitated by children of all ages. Also, at a time when African Americans no longer feel the need to assimilate to American ways, but have instead begun to represent themselves by proudly displaying their organic roots.There Is Power In My Hair promotes awareness and education that is aimed to instill positive self-esteem, as well as, stimulate and cultivate a sense of cultural wakefulness and pride for all children, but particularly, for African American boys.


By RW Lee & Yvonne Choyce

There Is Power In My Hair

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