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EMAIL SENT. WE DONE?: Building An Anti-Racist Organisation

EMAIL SENT. WE DONE?: Building An Anti-Racist Organisation

Anti-Racism Workshop & Implicit Bias Training
Anti-Racism Workshop & Implicit Bias Training

Diversity isn't about recruiting a certain colour.

Anti-Racism Workshop & Implicit Bias Training

Sure, having a diverse workforce is ideal. After all, how can you best serve customers without employees who look like them?


But diversity has to be about more than just finding a person of colour to fill a role. For starters, how can you even find that person of colour if they haven't had the opportunities to be a candidate for the role?


Beyond recruitment, employees must feel they can bring their full selves to work. And that means looking within at your processes, biases, and culture to make lasting change.


Implicit bias trainings aren't explicit enough.

For years, organisations have employed implicit bias trainings as a way to combat racism in the workplace.

Although notable, the research shows that while these sessions are helpful in minor, more aesthetic ways, they don’t get to the root of the problem or have a lasting impact. 


It's time for meaningful, lasting change beyond a mere realisation that bias exists in the workplace. It's time for a new game plan.

We make racism fun!

Well not exactly. Racism isn't funny.


But conversations about race are often so uncomfortable that we end up not even having them at all. And that's worse than having a conversation that makes you feel awkward.


Let’s play some games, have a laugh, and most importantly an open discussion about what it means to be anti-racist. Let’s take the shame and guilt out of it and figure out tangible ways to adopt behaviours and policies that have a lasting impact within your organisation. Let’s get creative in how we tackle tough topics and understand our own biases.

What does an
anti-racist workshop look like?

Well first, let's tell you what it won't be. There's no slide deck and this isn't a lecture. 


Yes, we'll talk about implicit bias and even watch a video (or four) that gives context for the problems at hand. But we'll go beyond just recognising a need for change.


We'll use design thinking methodology and ethnographic research techniques to help you diversify your talent pool and provide opportunities for career growth. 


We'll work with you to brainstorm ways to improve specific policies to make your workplace more inclusive. We'll also help you stand up internal and external initiatives that can help shape an anti-racist culture at your organisation.


Whether you’re a management team looking for ways to enact meaningful policy changes, or a group of employees in need of a cultural shift, we've got something for organisations of all sizes and for those with varying budgets and time restrictions.

Why us?

Hakeem leads our sessions with the same level of energy and humour
he brings to his corporate engagements (and comedy performances)!

He is a trained mediator, with years of ethnographic research experience, making him the perfect candidate to open up spaces and facilitate
honest conversation. 


Having grown up and worked in primarily White-dominated spaces at some of the biggest corporations in the world, Hakeem can attest to the fact that cultures within companies often foster racist and prejudicial sentiment without even knowing it.


We couldn't think of anyone better to help you build an anti-racist organisation. The only question left is when can we get to work creating safe and inclusive environments for your current and future employees?

Get in touch for a free discovery consult today.



Hakeem created an open, safe, and non-judgmental environment for us to talk about systemic racism and how our business plays a role in it. He was very patient and encouraging in his approach and I felt I could ask him anything.” 

Jonathan  |  Designer  

This workshop was a necessary and integral starting point to improving our organisation’s diversity and inclusion efforts. The session was engaging, informative, and expertly facilitated. I highly recommend The Anti-Racist Social Club and its workshop to anyone who wants to make a plan of action for combating racism in their organisations and in society.

“An eye-opening and team-building experience, Hakeem was a breath of fresh air and the workshop led our team to actionable steps we can take in our journey to become a more anti-racist organisation.
Don't hesitate - do it!“

 Kendra  |  Head of Insight & Strategy  

 Calen  |  Associate Director 

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